Summernote bundle, adds Summernote WYSIWYG editor to your Symfony2/3/4 project

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FMSummernoteBundle adds summernote bundle

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Step 1: Installation

Using Composer, just add the following configuration to your composer.json:

Or you can use composer to install this bundle: Add FMSummernoteBundle in your composer.json:

composer require helios-ag/fm-summernote-bundle

Step 2: Enable the bundle

Finally, enable the bundle in the kernel:

// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        // ...
        new FM\SummernoteBundle\FMSummernoteBundle(),


You can configure the bundle as follows, but note that the plugins "elfinder" and "video" are not supported in Jquery2.x.

        - video
        - elfinder # by default plugins not set, bundle comes with elfinder plugin / provides integration with FMElfinderBundle
    selector: .summernote #defines summernote selector for apply to
    toolbar: # define toolbars, if no toolbar configured, default toolbars defined
        style: [style]
        bold: [bold]
    extra_toolbar: # extra toolbar can be used for plugins toolbar and as additional toolbar setings, when 'toolbar' option is omitted
        elfinder: [elfinder]
    width: 600
    height: 400
    language: '' # define language (with language culture code like de-DE, fr-FR, etc.) by default, it is in english
    include_jquery: true #include js libraries, if your template already have them, set to false
    include_bootstrap: true
    include_fontawesome: true


Twig template example

    {{ summernote_init() }}
    <textarea class="summernote"></textarea>