This bundle brings enhanced video embedding support to contao with additional privacy options.

1.3.0 2023-01-23 13:09 UTC


This bundle brings enhanced video embedding support to contao with additional privacy options and is the successor of our YouTube Bundle.


  • Support for YouTube and Vimeo as video providers
  • Support for Videos from Contao File System
    • integration of multiple sources for one video
    • integration for subtitles
    • integration for madia-queries on video tag
  • Out-of-the-box-usage:
    • Content Element
    • News
  • enhance your users privacy with preview images, privacy notice before playing and no cookie urls
  • responsive Videos
  • expandable architecture
  • Encore Bundle support
  • List Bundle and Reader Bundle support
  • Privacy Center Bundle support



Install with contao manager or composer:

composer require heimrichhannot/contao-video-bundle

Update database afterwards.


  1. Setup the configuration to your likes (see configuration reference for all options):

        # Enable support for news entity.
        enable_news_support:    false
        # Enable if by default no cookie embed urls should be used, if supported by the video provider. This can be overwritten on root pages.
        default_use_no_cookie_video_url: false
        # Enable if by default a privacy message should be displayed before playing the video. This can be overwritten on root pages.
        default_display_privacy_notice: false
  2. Clear cache and check for database updates after update your config

  3. Adjust template settings on root page if needed. You can also overwrite the default configuration there.

    • If privacy center bundle installed, configure the integration there.
  4. Start adding videos as content element or to your news.

    • Content Element: Select "Video" content element
    • News:
      • Check "Add video" in your news item
      • output "videoplayer" variable in your news template


IE Support

To make video bundle work in IE, you have to add polyfills:


Developer documentation

Configuration reference


The creation of this bundle and the vimeo integration was supported by Liebchen+Liebchen GmbH.