This bundle contains enhancements for Contao Search.

2.8.0 2022-11-01 14:32 UTC

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Last update: 2022-12-31 14:52:12 UTC


This bundle contains enhancements for Contao Search. You can enable or disable all functionality to pick up just the features you need.


  • pdf search
  • Rebuild search index command for contao versions before 4.9
  • Disable search index update on page visit
  • set maximum number of search terms
  • Page filter for search module
  • Related search content element
  • log search terms



  1. Install composer bundle: composer require heimrichhannot/contao-search-bundle
  2. Optional: Install guzze HTTP client: composer require guzzlehttp/guzzle (needed for rebuild search index command)
  3. Optional: Install Smalot PdfParser: "smalot/pdfparser": "^0.18" (needed for pdf search)
  4. Enable/Disable features you want in your project config (see chapter configuration) and clear your cache
  5. Update your database

Maximum number of search terms

  1. Be sure huh_search.disable_max_keyword_filter is set to false (is false by default)

  2. Set maximum number of keywords to a value higher than 0 to enable

    Search engine module max keyword input

  3. If you want to output a user notice if the max keyword count is exceeded, select mod_search_searchbundle module template or output $this->maxKeywordsExceededMessage template variable where you like.

  4. If you need to support a language with special letters like german umlauts, you can pass additional chars to the huh_search.valid_word_chars option to get a correct word count. By default, the german umlauts and eszett are preconfigured. Keep in mind, that you override the default value by setting this option (so you need to add them in your config if you want to support them).


// mod_search.html5

<?php if ($this->maxKeywordsExceededMessage): ?>
    <p class="header"><?= $this->maxKeywordsExceededMessage ?></p>
<?php endif; ?>

<?php if ($this->header): ?>
    <p class="header"><?= $this->header ?> (<?= $this->duration ?>)</p>
<?php endif; ?>
  1. If you want to customize the message, overwrite the translations keys for huh_search.module.max_keywords_exceeded_message (Symfony translations used). %count% (number of provided keywords) and %max% (max allowed number of keywords) are provided as placeholder values.

Filter your search results by page

  1. Enable huh_search.enable_search_filter in your config (enabled by default)

  2. Create or edit your search engine module and setup the search filter section as you like

    Search engine module filter section

Related search content element

This element is basically the content hyperlink element (also uses the same templates) but with the twist, that it keeps the search parameters. It's designed for use together with news filter to link to another search module with a different filter config.

  1. Create a Related search link content element on a page with an search module
  2. Set another page with a search module as target

Disable search indexer

If you use contao 4.9 or higher, we recommend to use the core implementation instead.

This option let you disable indexing page on every page visit. This is recommend for large websites if you find performance issues or have a lot of duplicates in your search index.

  1. Enable huh_search.disable_search_indexer
  2. We recommend to use this option combined with the huh:search:index command

Search keyword log

To log search keywords, just set huh_search.enable_search_log to true. Afterwards you'll find huh_search_log-files withing your log folder containing a csv-formatted list of datetime and keyword. Maximum 7 days are stored (you can alter this period by customizing the monolog settings for huh_search_log channel).

Pdf search

To enable pdf indexing for contao search, following steps are needed:

  1. Set huh_search.pdf_indexer.enabled to true

    # config/config.yml (Contao 4.9) or app/Resources/config.yml (Contao 4.4)
        enabled: true
  2. Add "smalot/pdfparser": "^0.18" as composer dependency

  3. Rebuild search index

For more configuration options for the pdf indexer see the configuration reference.

Search index command

If you use contao 4.9 or higher, we recommend to use the core implementation instead.

This command let you build up your search index from console or a periodic cron job. This is especially useful, if you can't rebuild your search index from the contao backend. Pages that could not be indexed are logged into an huh_search log file in your log folder.

  huh:search:index [options]

      --dry-run                    Performs a run without purging the search database.
      --concurrency[=CONCURRENCY]  Number of parallel requests [default: 5]


Complete configuration reference

# Default configuration for extension with alias: "huh_search"

    # Configure the pdf indexer.

        # Enable pdf indexing for search.
        enabled:              false

        # Max characters to process and store from a pdf file. 0 means no limit.
        max_indexed_characters: 2000

        # Maximum file size of a pdf that can be processed by the pdf parser to prevent memory overflow or process timeout. Specify in KiB. 0 means no limit. 1024KiB = 1MB.
        max_file_size:        8096

    # Enable or disable search filter for search module
    enable_search_filter: true

    # Enable or disable max keyword filter for search module
    disable_max_keyword_filter: false

    # Configure whether you want to update the index entry on every request
    disable_search_indexer: false

    # Enable a search keyword logging.
    enable_search_log:    false

    # Set additional chars that should be not break a word (used for charlist parameter of str_word_count function).
    valid_word_chars:     ÄäÖöÜüẞß



Event Description
BeforeGetSearchablePagesEvent Is triggered before a getSearchablePages hook entry is called in RebuildSearchIndexCommand. You'll be able to modifiy class, method, pages-Array or skip execution of current hook entry.


The pdf search integration was sponsored by fanthomas communications.