A bundle to provide progressive web app support for contao.

0.8.18 2024-01-03 13:43 UTC


A bundle to provide progressive web app support for contao.

This bundle is still in beta. Please provide feedback if you use it!

This bundle is using PHP Web Push lib to provide push notifications.


  • Create and register manifest file for each page root
  • Create and register service worker for each page root
  • send custom push notifications from backend
  • set an offline fallback page
  • Frontend module and content element to subscribe to push notifications
  • Install PWA button content element
  • Encore Bundle support, including asset precaching
  • expandable architecture



For web push notifications:


  1. Install via composer or contao manager

     composer require heimrichhannot/contao-pwa-bundle
  2. Update your database

First Steps

  1. Your page template (typically fe_page.html5) must support Head Bundle. This means it must output at least $this->meta() in head section. See Head Bundle readme for more information
  2. If you want to use push notifications, add vapid keys to your config (see Setup -> Vapidkeys)
  3. Create an PWA Configuration(Backend -> System -> PWA Configuration)
  4. Add the configuration to a page root (in page settings you find a new section "Progressive Web App", select yes and choose your configuration)
    • On saving the page the page manifest and the serviceworker will be generated
  5. To provide an option to register to your push notifications, add the Push Subscription Button content element or the push notification popup frontend module to your page.

Push Notifications

VAPID keys

You need to add your server vapid keys to your config file, typical in your project config.yml. If you haven't already vapid keys, you can generate in the PWA Bundle backend (Contao Backend -> System -> PWA Configuration -> Control -> Authentication)

    subject: "mailto:test@example.org"
    publicKey: "BPZACSEB_Efa3_e2XdVRm4M3Suga2WnhNs9THpVixfScWicSiA3ZYQ3zCG4Uez3EnbL3q-O2RomlZtYejva642M"
    privateKey: "W0qtmwq0aB47Swmid0uDZyW945p9b5bgv_WmfsmsRHw"


Regenerate files

You can regenerate all your manifest and service worker files at once from the Pwa Control (Contao Backend -> System -> PWA Configuration -> Control -> Files -> Rebuild files)

There is also an command available: huh:pwa:build


JS Event

To support custom controls, there are events and event listeners that can be used. All events are dispatched and listen to on document.


Event Description
huh_pwa_sw_not_supported Fired if browser not supports serviceworker or no service worker found.
huh_pwa_push_not_supported Fired if browser not supports push notifications
huh_pwa_push_permission_denied Fired if browser has push notifications blocked
huh_pwa_push_isSubscribed Fired when subscribed to push notifications (on page load or when subscribe)
huh_pwa_push_isUnsubscribed Fired when unsubscribed from push notification (on page load or when unsubscribe)
huh_pwa_push_subscription_failed Fired when subscription to push notifications failed. Error reason can be found in event.detail.reason.
huh_pwa_push_unsubscription_failed Fired when unsubscribe from push notifications failed. Error reason can be found in event.detail.reason.


Event type Usage Description
huh_pwa_push_changeSubscriptionState new CustomEvent( 'huh_pwa_push_changeSubscriptionState', {detail: ['subscribe'|'unsubscribe']} ) Fire this event when the user interacts with your control to change his subscription state. Use a CustomEvent with detail parameter set to subscribe or unsubscrive.

Complete configuration

    subject: "mailto:test@example.org"
    publicKey: "BPZACSEB_Efa3_e2XdVRm4M3Suga2WnhNs9THpVixfScWicSiA3ZYQ3zCG4Uez3EnbL3q-O2RomlZtYejva642M"
    privateKey: "W0qtmwq0aB47Swmid0uDZyW945p9b5bgv_WmfsmsRHw"
    automatic_padding: 2847 # int (payload size in byte (min 0, max 4078)) or boolean (enable/disable)
  manifest_path: '/pwa' # where the manifest files should be located within web folder
  configfile_path: '/pwa' # where the configuration files should be located within web folder


Command Description
huh:pwa:build (Re)Build config specific files like service worker and manifest
huh:pwa:sendpush Send unsent push notifications

Add additional head scripts

It is possible to add additional js code to the head section by using the PwaHeadScriptTags object available available as huh.head.tag.pwa.script service. Code added with addScript will be outputted in header section of your page within <script type='text/javascript'> tags.


Funtion Example Polyfill Description
CustomEvent custom-event-polyfill Custom events are needed to update the subscribe button (to inform the user that the browser not supporting push notifications). Also an error is thrown if the browser not supporting CustomEvents.


  • image size config
  • support svg icons
  • select pages to precache
  • customize add to homescreen and push notification notifications