A generic pdf creation bundle

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Last update: 2023-02-21 13:04:13 UTC


This bundle adds a generic way to configure the creation of pdf files, reuse these configurations and create pdfs on base of them. It's based on PDF Creator library.


  • add PDF configurations from backend module or yaml
  • can be easily used in your bundle
  • bundled support for:

Note: there is no pdf library bundled with this bundle, you need to add the ones you want to use by your own! See Usage section for more information.

Screenshot Configuration



  1. Install the pdf library you want to use (currently dompdf, mpdf and tcpdf are supported, see PDF Creator library) for more information

  2. Install bundle with composer or contao manager

     composer require heimrichhannot/contao-pdf-creator-bundle
  3. Update database

  4. Create a pdf configuration in contao backend within system -> pdf configuration or via yaml (see configuration reference)

Yaml pdf configuration

To reuse configurations or customize them on different environments, you can set pdf creator configs in your configuration files. You'll find all possible options in the configuration reference.


# /config/config.yml
      type: dompdf
      name: "Default News export configuration"
      filename: '%%title%%-my_brand_corporate.pdf'
      output_mode: inline
      type: dompdf
      name: "Brand brochure"
      filename: 'my_brand_corporate.pdf'
      output_mode: download
      format: A5
      base_template: 'files/media/brand_cd/brand_brochure_template.pdf'

Export article as pdf

  1. Set huh_pdf_creator.enable_contao_article_pdf_syndication to true

    # config/config.yml or app/config/config.yml (Contao 4.4)
        enable_contao_article_pdf_syndication: true
  2. Clear cache and update database

  3. Choose pdf as syndication option in article configuration and select a pdf configuration

Syndication Bundle

Select PDF syndication and choose the pdf creator setting you want for export.

Advanced topics


To get enhanced debug information while creating pdfs, you can enter the contao dev mode. In dev mode, pdf creator bundle save all logs created by the pdf library (if the library supports PSR-3 logging) to a huh_pdf_creator-[DATE].log file in the log folder. For dompdf this bundle support the custom logging implementation and stores the log to a huh_pdf_creator-dompdf.log file in the log folder.

Server routing issues / authentication

To avoid trouble with server routing (special url handling with docker etc.) and use the library on access restricted websites (for example staging setups), you can set a base_url that will override the url determined from the request and credentials (http basic authentication is supported only). These options are only available with yaml configuration as they usually server-specific.

      type: dompdf
      name: "PDF behind authentication"
      base_url: 'https://customer.example.org'
      credentials: 'user:password'


Add pdf creator to your bundle

  1. Use PdfGenerator::generate() to generate a pdf with your content. It expects an id of an PDF Creator config, html content and an PdfContext instance and returns a PdfCreatorResult instance.

    use Heimrichhannot\PdfCreatorBundle\Generator\PdfGenerator;
    use Heimrichhannot\PdfCreatorBundle\Generator\PdfGeneratorContext;
    class ExportCustomEntity {
        /**@var PdfGenerator */
        protected $pdfGenerator;
        public function __invoke(string $content, array $row): void {
            $context = new PdfGeneratorContext($row['title']);
            $result = $this->pdfGenerator->generate($content, $row['pdfConfiguration'], $context);
  2. Use DcaGenerator to add an PDF Creator config field to your dca.

    use Contao\CoreBundle\DataContainer\PaletteManipulator;
    use Heimrichhannot\PdfCreatorBundle\Generator\DcaGenerator;
    class LoadDataContainerListener {
        /** @var DcaGenerator */
        protected $dcaGenerator;
        public function __invoke(string $table): void
            if ('tl_custom_dca' === $table) {
                PaletteManipulator::create()->addField('pdfConfiguration', 'someField')->applyToPalette('default', 'tl_custom_entity');
                $GLOBALS['TL_DCA']['tl_custom_entity']['fields']['pdfConfiguration'] = $this->dcaGenerator->getPdfCreatorConfigSelectFieldConfig();


Event Description
BeforeCreateLibraryInstanceEvent Passes the PDF Creator BeforeCreateLibraryInstanceCallback
BeforeOutputPdfCallbackEvent Passes the PDF Creator BeforeOutputPdfCallback

Configuration reference

# Default configuration for extension with alias: "huh_pdf_creator"

  # Set to true to use this bundle functionality in the contao article syndication.
  enable_contao_article_pdf_syndication: false

  # PDF creator configurations

    # Prototype: The title of the configuration. Should be a unique alias/name containing just 'a-z0-9-_' like 'news_export','default','brand_a_themed'.

      # The pdf creator type (pdf library).
      type:                 ~ # One of "dompdf"; "mpdf"; "tcpdf"

      # A nice name for displaying in the backend.
      name:                 ~ # Example: 'A4 brochure with corporate logo'

      # Set a file name for the generated pdf files. You can use the %title% placeholder to use the title of the content to export in the file name.
      filename:             '%%title%%.pdf'

      # The path to the folder where the generated files should be stored. Only used if output_mode is AbstractPdfCreator::OUTPUT_MODE_FILE. Path must be relative to the project path.
      file_path:            ~ # Example: files/export/pdf

      # Set page orientation.
      orientation:          portrait # One of "portrait"; "landscape"

      # Set how to output the pdf.
      output_mode:          inline # One of "download"; "file"; "inline"; "string"

      # Set a page format. This could be a standardized format like A3, A4, A5 or Legal, otherwise you can specify the format in millimeter (width x height, seperated by comma, for example 180,210).
      format:               A4

        # Relative path from project to font file.
        top:                  ~

        # Name of the font family
        left:                 ~

        # Font style
        bottom:               ~

        # Font weight
        right:                ~
        unit:                 mm # One of "mm"

        # Prototype

          # Relative path from project to font file.
          path:                 ~

          # Name of the font family
          family:               ~

          # Font style
          style:                ~

          # Font weight
          weight:               ~

      # Set a pdf template (also known as master template), which will be the base template for the generated pdf files. Must be a path relative to the contao web root.
      base_template:        ~ # Example: files/media/news/news_base_template.pdf

      # Set a default url that will override the url that is determined by the request. This can be usefull on development servers with custom url mapping.
      base_url:             null # Example: 'https://stage.example.org:8001/examplepath/'

      # Set credentials for basic http authentication.
      credentials:          null # Example: 'user:password'