This module offers a additional member functions


This Bundle is deprecated and in maintenance mode only. Please don't use it in new projects anymore.

Contao Member Bundle

This bundle contains a collection of enhancements for contao frontend members.

Migration notices

If you used heimrichhannot/contao-member_plus before, not all features are part of this bundle yet.

  • content element memberlist is no longer part of this bundle, use heimrichhannot/contao-list-bundle and content element list_preselect instead


Additional fields

  • headline
  • alias
  • academicTitle
  • academicDegree
  • extendedTitle
  • nobilityTitle
  • jobTitles
  • position
  • street2
  • addressText
  • image (avatar/profile image)
  • captcha
  • linkedinProfile
  • xingProfile
  • facebookProfile
  • twitterProfile
  • googlePlusProfile
  • foreignLanguages
  • additionalAddresses (phone,fax,company,street,street2,postal,city,state,country,addressText)