This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the heimrichhannot/contao-isotope-extension-bundle package instead.

Enhancements for isotope shop


This bundle abandoned. Please use heimrichhannot/contao-isotope-extension-bundle instead.

Contao Isotope Plus

A module that brings some new features to the isotope shopsystem


jQuery instead of mootools

  • isotope mootools scripts has been removed from templates and replaced by jQuery if possible

SetQuantity and stock

  • if these attributes have values, adding products to the cart or checking out is constrained by the stock left (depending on "setQuantity" if set)
  • if the stock reaches 0, shipping_exempt on the product is set to true
  • the stock validation (including setting of shipping_exempt) and the usage of sets can be configured in the shop config, the product type and the product (shop config has the lowest priority, product the highest)
  • the usage of sets when computing the quantity to remove from the stock of a product can be configured in the shop config
  • when removing an order or setting it to a certain status, the stock is decreased (configurable in the shop config)

Order report & Stock report

  • enables to show orders and orderdetails in the front end
  • enables to show the product stock in the front end


  • enables to filter for keywords or by status "shipping_exempt"
  • enables sorting in alphabetical order and reverse alphabetical order


  • modifies the list, that it can show the filter and sorting results


  • render products inside a slick content slider


  • a link to the current cart containing a badge showig the current quantity


  • a module for directly checking out a certain quantity of some product specified in the module configuration (no need for logging in)


  • a module for visualizing the development of sales for certain products


  • adds new possible attributes to products: stock, initialStock, setQuantity, maxOrderSize, releaseDate
  • adds a new attribute type: youtube

Known issues/missing stuff

  • stock isn't validated product variants at the moment (products only)
  • direct checkout may currently not make use of all of isotope's features and hooks


  • create and edit isotope products in frontend
  • single and multi image products supported
  • single image product -> if multiple images are added to upload a product is created for each of the images that shares all other set attributes
  • when pdf is uploaded jpg preview is made and set as product image, pdf is set as download element
  • for product reader a pdf preview is generated with pdf.js (inserted via hook parseItems as pdfViewer)