A generic module using formhybrid for listing, editing, and deleting entities.

6.6.0 2022-08-23 07:18 UTC


Extends heimrichhannot/contao-formhybrid_list with crud functionality (create, update, delete).

-> Click here for a diagram visualizing the interaction between the modules formhybrid, formhybrid_list, frontendedit and submissions.


  • adds a memberAuthor field to news and calendar events
  • share entities in a list (add the necessary fields to your dca beforehands by using FormHybridList::addShareFields())

List module

  • display e.g. all entities of a certain member
  • contains links for editing, deleting and publishing the certain item

Reader module

  • edit an arbitrary entity


Name Description
ModuleList Extends formhybrid_list's ModuleList with crud funnctionality
ModuleMemberList Encapsulates member specific changes overriding ModuleList
ModuleNewsList Encapsulates news specific changes overriding ModuleList
ModuleReader A generic editor module able to edit a specific entity (doesn't inherit from formhybrid_list's ModuleReader)
ModuleFrontendUserReader Encapsulates frontend user specific changes overriding ModuleReader
ModuleFormValidator Validates a certain amount of entity's fields (useful e.g. as the last step of a multi step form)