This bundle offers additional functionality for the isotope ecommerce system.

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This bundle offers additional functionality for the isotope ecommerce system.

Migration from contao-isotope-bundle

see UPGRADE.md


Stock management and validation (initialStock, stock, setQuantity, maxOrderSize)

  • if these attributes have values, adding products to the cart or checking out is constrained by the stock left (depending on setQuantity if set)
  • if the stock reaches 0, shipping_exempt on the product is set to true
  • the stock validation (including setting of shipping_exempt) and the usage of sets can be configured in the shop config, the product type and the product (shop config has the lowest priority, product the highest)
  • the usage of sets when computing the quantity to remove from the stock of a product can be configured in the shop config
  • when removing an order or setting it to a certain status, the stock is decreased (configurable in the shop config)
  • use the max order size attribute to restrict the order size

Additional fields for products

Adds various fields to isotope products.

Frontend modules

Cart Link

  • a link to the current cart containing a badge showing the current quantity

Extended Order Details

  • adds member login check if the order is linked to a member
  • adds some extra info to the template (see OrderDetailsExtendedModule for further info)

Extended Product Filter

  • enables to filter for keywords or by status shipping_exempt
  • enables sorting in alphabetical order and reverse alphabetical order

Extended Product List

  • modifies the list, so that it can show the filter and sorting results

Product List Slider

Product Ranking

  • a module for visualizing the development of sales for certain products

Stock Report

  • displays the product stocks in the front end


  1. Install via composer (composer require heimrichhannot/contao-isotope-extension-bundle) or contao manager
  2. Update your database

Known issues

  • stock isn't validated product variants at the moment (products only)