logging stack for Laravel

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This is a custom package designed for Laravel. It provides a logging stack pre-configured to format for Logstash and adds multiple useful Monolog processors.

It includes the following processors to enrich logs with extra data:

  • MemoryPeakUsageProcessor which adds the peak memory usage using the memory_get_peak_usage() PHP function,
  • MemoryUsageProcessor which adds the current memory usage using the memory_get_usage() PHP function,
  • UidProcessor which adds a unique ID to each instance of the logger class - useful to track all logs across a single request,
  • WebProcessor which adds the current request URI, request method and client IP to a log record,
  • BuildTagProcessor which is designed for use in docker and will add the image tag to the logs.
  • IntrospectionProcessor which adds the file, class, function and line where the log was triggered.


A logstash and stdout logger have been made available for use as logging channels. You can use these in a stack along with some others or use them standalone. Simply set your LOG_CHANNEL environment variable to either of those pre-configured channels.
The stdout channel includes a formatter for Logstash, the only difference compared to the logstash channel is that the log lines go to STDOUT instead of to a file. This is useful for Laravel queue workers running in docker.

Note: The BuildTagProcessor requires you to inject the Docker build tag into build_tag key in config/app.php. If it is not present, the value is not added to the logs.


Laravel Logging is licensed under the MIT license.