Integrates moneyphp/money into your Symfony application

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v0.0.1 2019-03-12 16:04 UTC

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Last update: 2020-06-17 11:30:46 UTC


A Symfony bundle to integrate Money PHP and provide various Twig and Doctrine helpers.


The bundle provides a custom Doctrine Type for the Currency element of the Money object, and then a Doctrine Embeddable for use in your models.

The data type for the amount column is set to integer which is evidently a contentious issue as the Money object uses strings internally, but having the database use an integer type allows native sorting and summing etc.


The bundle provides a form type with a Data Transformer, that extends the Symfony MoneyType.

The field will render a Money field, with the Money value object converted to readable values.



The bundle provides a Twig filter which formats a Money object in to a number with a currency symbol.

{{ object.amount|money }}        # Renders e.g. "€10.00"


The bundle also provides a Twig utility that allows you to create a Money object directly in the template.


This is generally useful for creating a variable which you then add values to in a loop. E.g.

{% set total = money(0, 'EUR') %}

{% for line in order.lines %}

	{% set total = total.add(line.cost) %}

{% endfor %}

Total: {{ total|money }}


The bundle provides a Symfony normalizer for the Money object.

$amount = Money::EUR(200);

$serializer->serialize($amount, 'json'); // ==> '{"amount":"200","currency":"EUR"}'