A Swift Mailer Transport for SparkPost

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By Simon Hampel


Standalone implementation of Laravel's SparkPost Mail Driver from illuminate/mail - provides a Swift Mailer v6 implementation for SparkPost.

This package is inspired by: https://github.com/vemcogroup/laravel-sparkpost-driver which uses the SparkPost mail driver from Laravel 5.8.x


You can install the package via composer:

composer require hampel/swiftmailer-sparkpost


The SparkPost options available are defined in the API: SparkPost options

$sparkpostOptions = [
	'options' => [
		'open_tracking' => false,
		'click_tracking' => true,
		'transactional' => true,
	'campaign_id' => 'foo',

$transport = new SparkPostTransport(
	new GuzzleHttp\Client, 

// create a new Swift_Message
$message = ...

$result = $transport->send($message);