hampel member since: Jun 12, 2013

hampel's packages

  • hampel/alerts

    Package for managing Laravel session messages and alerts in view responses

  • hampel/closeio

    Wrapper for the Close.io CRM REST API using Guzzle

  • hampel/customerio

    Wrapper for the Customer.io REST API using Guzzle

  • hampel/envroute

    Package for customising the Laravel environment based on route

  • hampel/helpspot

    Wrapper for the HelpSpot helpdesk system API using Guzzle

  • hampel/json

    Wrapper for PHP json functions

  • hampel/linode

    Wrapper for Linode API using Guzzle

  • hampel/linode-laravel

    A Laravel service provider and helper library for accessing Linode via PHP

  • hampel/mailchimp-subscribe

    Wrapper for the list subscription and management methods of the MailChimp API v3 using Guzzle

  • hampel/slack-message

    Standalone implementation of Laravel's SlackMessage classes from illuminate/notifications

  • hampel/synergy-wholesale

    Wrapper for Synergy Wholesale API using SoapClient

  • hampel/synergy-wholesale-laravel

    A Laravel service provider for accessing Synergy Wholesale via PHP

  • hampel/systemtest

    Package for testing various Laravel subsystems in production

  • hampel/tlds

    Fetches the latest list of Top Level Domains from IANA, plus Laravel validation service extensions for validating TLDs

  • hampel/twitter

    Wrapper for Twitter API using Guzzle