This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the phpmetrics/phpmetrics package instead.

Static analyzer tool for PHP : Coupling, Cyclomatic complexity, Maintainability Index, Halstead's metrics... and more !

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PhpMetrics provides metrics about PHP project and classes, with beautiful and readable HTML report.

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Quick start

Follow the quick start guide to get started.

# install the package as a dev dependency
composer require phpmetrics/phpmetrics --dev

# run PHPMetrics to analyze a folder and generate a report
php ./vendor/bin/phpmetrics --report-html=myreport <folder-to-analyze>

Then open the generated ./myreport/index.html file in your browser.

You can use a configuration file to customize the report, add options, configure rules for Continuous Integration, etc.


You'll find detailed list of metrics in documentation, or running php ./vendor/bin/phpmetrics --metrics



See the LICENSE file.


See the CONTRIBUTING file.