This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the league/flysystem package instead.

Easy helper for upload file.

v0.2.5 2018-02-19 08:02 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-02-10 06:51:46 UTC


This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the league/flysystem package instead.


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This extension help you save uploded files to filesystem and prepare for database.

Require PHP 5.4+.

This extension is for php Nette framework.

Installation to project

The best way to install h4kuna/upload is using composer:

$ composer require h4kuna/upload


v 0.1.0 - 0.2.2 support php <= 5.5

For begin

Simple registration like extension

    uploadExtension: h4kuna\Upload\DI\UploadExtension

You need create writeable dir %wwwDir%/upload and use new services.

  • uploadExtension.driver.default object LocalFilesystem
  • uploadExtension.upload.default object Upload with this driver
  • uploadExtension.download.default object Download with this driver

More options

Register extension for Nette in neon config file.

# optional
	destinations: %wwwDir%/upload # this is default, you must create like writeable

	# or destinations can by array
		public: %wwwDir%/upload # first is default
		private: %appDir%/private # string or service h4kuna\Upload\IDriver

First destination (in example public) is autowired. For every destination is created service upload and download.

Manually add dependency:

    - UploadControl(@uploadExtension.upload.private)
    - DownloadControl(@uploadExtension.download.private)

Inject Upload service to your class and use it. Return an object h4kuna\Upload\Store\File let's save all property for later create IStoreFile.

Simple usage for upload:

/* @var $upload h4kuna\Upload\Upload */

try {
    /* @var $file Nette\Http\FileUpload */
    // second parameter is optional
    $storedFile = $upload->save($file, 'path/by/id');

    /* @var $storedFile h4kuna\Upload\Store\File */
        // required parameters for response (Download) for create IStoreFile
        'name' => $storedFile->getName(),
        'filesystem' => $storedFile->getRelativePath(),
        'type' => $storedFile->getContentType(),
        // optional
        'size' => $file->getSize(),
        'is_image' => $storedFile->isImage
} catch (\h4kuna\Upload\FileUploadFailedException $e) {
	// upload is failed

For more upload options create object h4kuna\Upload\Upload\Options.

If filter is defined than you can expect new exception UnSupportedFileTypeException. Both exception in example has same parent UploadException.

$filter = h4kuna\Upload\Upload\FilterFactory::createImage();
$name = new h4kuna\Upload\Upload\Filename(); // default
try {
    $storedFile = $upload->save($file, new h4kuna\Upload\Upload\Options('subdir/by/id', function(h4kuna\Upload\Store\File $storedFile, Nette\Http\FileUpload $uploadFile) {
        // if you need add optional property like size, etc. 
        $storedFile->isImage = $uploadFile->isImage();
        // Custom rule: allow image bigger then 500x500px
        if ($storedFile->isImage) {
            $image = $uploadFile->getImage();
            if($image->getHeight() < 500 || $image->getWidth() < 500) {
                return false; // this return throw exception
    }, $name, $filter));
} catch (FileUploadFailedException $e) {
    // driver is failed
} catch (UnSupportedFileTypeException $e) {
    // unsupported file, filter refused

Here is prepared object h4kuna\Upload\UploadSpecific.

Now create Nette\Application\Responses\FileResponse for download file.

If you use in presenter

/* @var $download h4kuna\Upload\Download */

// this create from data whose stored in database
$file = new File(...); // instance of IStoreFile

Or if you use own script

$file = new File(...); // instance of IStoreFile

try {
} catch (\h4kuna\Upload\FileDownloadFailedException $e) {


Ftp client is dg/ftp-php but not contained in this composer. Wrapper is Ftp.

            host: example.com
            user: root
            password: 123456
            url: http://example.com/images
            # optional
            path: images
            port: 21
            passive: true

This create services

  • uploadExtension.ftp.test client \Ftp
  • uploadExtension.driver.test IDriver
  • uploadExtension.upload.test Upload with this driver
  • uploadExtension.download.test Download with this driver

Own Driver service

This library save files only on filesystem and ftp. If you need to save on remote server via ssh etc. For this moment is not implemented, but it is prepared. Let's inspire on LocalFilesystem

  • Create your own class with IDriver interface

class SshDriver implements \h4kuna\Upload\IDriver
// your implementation
  • Register in neon if you need
    mySshDriver: SshDriver
    uploadComponent: UploadControl(@uploadExtension.upload.sshDriver)
    reponseComponent: DownloadControl(@uploadExtension.download.sshDriver)
		public: %wwwDir%/upload # first is default  
		sshDriver: @mySshDriver