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Guzzle Subscriber Instagram: Authorizes the instagram app and generates the access token using login / password


This project can be installed using Composer. Add the following to your composer.json:

        "require": {
            "guzzlehttp/guzzle-instagram-subscriber": "dev-master"

Retrieve the access token using the Implicit Authorization Subscriber

Here's an example showing how to authorize an instagram app and generate access token just one step:

    use GuzzleHttp\Client;
    use GuzzleHttp\Subscriber\Instagram\ImplicitAuth;

    $client = new Client();

    $config = [
        'username' => 'instagram_username',
        'password' => 'instagram_password',
        'client_id'    => 'instagram_client_id',
        'redirect_uri' => 'instagram_redirect_uri',

    $implicitAuth = new ImplicitAuth($config);


    $access_token = $implicitAuth->getAccessToken();

Once you've registered your client it's easy to start requesting data from Instagram, Using this access token to request the Instagram API endpoints. More information: