A modern WordPress scaffold

v1.3.7 2019-09-26 14:47 UTC


A highly opinionated WordPress 'Pro' scaffold, built with ❤️ by GRRR. It includes:


  • PHP 7.1+ with Composer
  • Node 8+ with Yarn (front-end tooling)
  • Ruby 2.2+ with Bundler (deploying)

View the prerequisites in the wiki for more details.

Quick start

To start a new project, run:

$ composer create-project grrr-amsterdam/wordpress-scaffold <project-name>

After the project is created by Composer, an interactive shell will be initiated. This interactive setup will prompt you with some questions.

See the complete list of tasks that will run during this interactive setup.


View the wiki for more instructions, usage examples and conventions.

This scaffold is inspired by:

The scaffold and theme rely heavily on: