Simple library to consume environment variables

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Simple library to get environment variables converted to simple types.


This package is installable and autoloadable via Composer as oscarotero/env.

$ composer require oscarotero/env


use Env\Env;

// Using getenv function:
var_dump(getenv('FOO')); //string(5) "false"

// Using Env:
var_dump(Env::get('FOO')); //bool(false)

Available conversions

  • "false" is converted to boolean false
  • "true" is converted to boolean true
  • "null" is converted to null
  • If the string contains only numbers is converted to an integer
  • If the string has quotes, remove them


To configure the conversion, you can use the following constants (all enabled by default):

  • Env::CONVERT_BOOL To convert boolean values
  • Env::CONVERT_NULL To convert null values
  • Env::CONVERT_INT To convert integer values
  • Env::STRIP_QUOTES To remove the quotes of the strings

There's also additional settings that you can enable (they're disabled by default)

  • Env::USE_ENV_ARRAY To get the values from $_ENV, instead getenv().
  • Env::USE_SERVER_ARRAY To get the values from $_SERVER, instead getenv().
  • Env::LOCAL_FIRST To get first the values of locally-set environment variables.
use Env\Env;

//Convert booleans and null, but not integers or strip quotes
Env::$options = Env::CONVERT_BOOL | Env::CONVERT_NULL;

//Add one more option
Env::$options |= Env::USE_ENV_ARRAY;

//Remove one option
Env::$options ^= Env::CONVERT_NULL;

Default value

By default, if the value does not exist, returns null, but you can change for any other value:

use Env\Env;

Env::$default = false;

The env() function

You can use the env() function, like in Laravel or other frameworks:

use function Env\env;


Please see CHANGELOG for more information about recent changes.

The MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information.