Oxatis client for the API

v1.0.0 2021-06-24 10:19 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-09-27 17:30:57 UTC


This is a PHP API Client for any Oxatis SaaS instance.

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  • PHP >= 7.4
  • Composer


composer require grena/oxatis-api-php-client

How to use

In your project, import the OxatisClientBuilder and build a client with your Oxatis AppID and token:

use Heavymind\Oxatis\ApiClient\OxatisClientBuilder;

// Build the Oxatis client with your AppID and Token
$clientBuilder = new OxatisClientBuilder();
$oxatisClient = $clientBuilder->buildAuthenticatedByToken(

Now you can use the OxatisClient to make requests, for example here, retrieving "Country names" for each tax rate:

use Heavymind\Oxatis\ApiClient\Type\TaxRateGetList;
use Heavymind\Oxatis\ApiClient\Type\TaxRateEntity;

$response = $oxatisClient->getTaxRateServices()->taxRateGetList(
    new TaxRateGetList($oxatisClient->getWSIdentitySoap())

foreach ($response->getDataResultService()->getData()->getTaxRateList()->getTaxRateIDs() as $taxRateID)
    /** @var TaxRateEntity $taxRateID */

Regenerate the API

This API is mainly auto-generated thanks to phpro/soap-client.

If the online Soap WSDL files changed on Oxatis side, this API Client needs to be regenerated by running:

docker-compose run php_74 php generate-soap-api.php

This will:

  • Generate the needed config files for phpro/soap-client in the config/ folder
  • Generate each Type class for each service in src/Type
  • Generate client and client factory for each service in src/Services/


Clone this project, then:

cp docker-compose.yml.dist docker-compose.yml
docker-compose up --build
docker-compose run php_74 ./composer.phar install