PHP simple static cache class

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PHP simple static cache class


Via Composer

$ composer require gregoriohc/static-cache


Checking for item existence

if (Cache::has('key')) {
    // ...

Storing item

Cache::set('key', 'value');

Retrieving item

$value = Cache::get('key');

If you wish, you may pass a second argument to the get method specifying the default value you wish to be returned if the item doesn't exist:

$value = Cache::get('key', 'default');

You may even pass a Closure as the default value. The result of the Closure will be returned if the specified item does not exist in the cache:

Cache::get('key', function() {
    return 'value';

Retrieve and store item

Sometimes you may wish to retrieve an item from the cache, but also store a default value if the requested item doesn't exist. You may do this using the remember method:

Cache::remember('key', function() {
    return 'value';

If the item does not exist in the cache, the Closure passed to the remember method will be executed and its result will be placed in the cache.

Removing item



$ composer test

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