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A Dynamark Communication Protocol 3 client, written in PHP

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A Dynamark Communication Protocol 3 client, written in PHP


Via Composer

composer require graze/dynamark3-client


Instantiating a client

Use the factory method to return a Dynamark3ClientInterface instance:

$client = Graze\Dynamark3Client\Dynamark3Client::factory();

Issuing commands

Connect to a remote endpoint using connect:

$dsn = '';

Commands are then simply method names that can be called directly on the client:

// issue a GETXML command
$resp = $client->getxml();

Commands containing spaces are represented using camelCase:

// issue a MARK STOP command
$resp = $client->markStop();

Command arguments are passed as method paramaters:

// issue a DELETEFILE command
$path = '\hard disk\domino\filecoding\codes.txt';
$resp = $client->deletefile($path);


The client will respond with a Dynamark3ResponseInterface object with the following methods:

 * Any response from the server up until a prompt is encountered.
 * @return string
public function getResponseText();

 * Whether an error prompt was encountered.
 * @return bool
public function isError();

 * The error code returned from the Dynamark 3 server
 * @return int
public function getErrorCode();

Handling a response:

$resp = $client->getxml();
if ($resp->isError()) {
    echo sprintf('the server responded with error code: [%d]', $resp->getErrorCode());
    // look up the error code in the Dynamark 3 protocol docs

$xml = $resp->getResponseText();
// do something fun with the xml

Example success response:

Screenshot of terminal text showing a success response

Example error response:

Screenshot of terminal text showing an error response

Some commands will return interesting data in their response, e.g. getxml:

Screenshot of terminal text showing XML response

Change log

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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.