Tools to create the domain layer of your DDD application

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Domain event

Library to create the domain layer of your Domain-driven design (DDD) application


Pretty simple with Composer, run:

composer require gpslab/domain-event

Base usage

Create a domain event

use GpsLab\Domain\Event\Event;

final class PurchaseOrderCreatedEvent implements Event
    private $customer_id;

    private $create_at;

    public function __construct(CustomerId $customer_id, \DateTimeImmutable $create_at)
        $this->customer_id = $customer_id;
        $this->create_at = $create_at;

    public function customerId()
        return $this->customer_id;

    public function createAt()
        return $this->create_at;

Raise your event

use GpsLab\Domain\Event\Aggregator\AbstractAggregateEvents;

final class PurchaseOrder extends AbstractAggregateEventsRaiseInSelf
    private $customer_id;

    private $create_at;

    public function __construct(CustomerId $customer_id)
        $this->raise(new PurchaseOrderCreatedEvent($customer_id, new \DateTimeImmutable()));

     * The raise() method will automatically call this method.
     * Since it's an event you should never do some tests in this method.
     * Try to think that an Event is something that happened in the past.
     * You can not modify what happened. The only thing that you can do is create another event to compensate.
     * You do not obliged to listen this event and are not required to create this method.
    protected function onPurchaseOrderCreated(PurchaseOrderCreatedEvent $event)
        $this->customer_id = $event->customerId();
        $this->create_at = $event->createAt();

Create listener

class SendEmailOnPurchaseOrderCreated
    private $mailer;

    public function __construct($mailer)
        $this->mailer = $mailer;

    public function __invoke(PurchaseOrderCreatedEvent $event)
        $this->mailer->send('', sprintf(
            'Purchase order created at %s for customer #%s',

Dispatch events

use GpsLab\Domain\Event\Bus\ListenerLocatedEventBus;
use GpsLab\Domain\Event\Listener\Locator\DirectBindingEventListenerLocator;

// first the locator
$locator = new DirectBindingEventListenerLocator();
// you can use several listeners for one event and one listener for several events
$locator->register(PurchaseOrderCreatedEvent::class, new SendEmailOnPurchaseOrderCreated(/* $mailer */));

// then the event bus
$bus = new ListenerLocatedEventBus($locator);

// do what you need to do on your Domain
$purchase_order = new PurchaseOrder(new CustomerId(1));

// this will clear the list of event in your AggregateEvents so an Event is trigger only once



This bundle is under the MIT license. See the complete license in the file: LICENSE