Full featured client library.

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Powerful and easy API wrapper.

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$ composer require gladyshev/anticaptcha-client


"require": {
  "gladyshev/anticaptcha-client": "*"


More examples in examples folder.

$client = new \Anticaptcha\Client('YOUR_API_KEY', ['languagePool' => 'en']));

$taskId = $client->createTaskByImage(__DIR__.'/data/yandex.gif');
$result = $client->getTaskResult($taskId);
$result->await(); // Waiting for completion of solution.

var_dump($result->getSolution()->getText()); // string(14) "замочка"

Client options

Option Type Default Description
language string null Error messages language (null - English). Available are 'en_US' and 'ru_RU'.
languagePool string 'rn' Sets workers pool language. At the moment the following language pools are available: en (default) : English language queue rn : group of countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazahstan.
serverUrl string '' Anti-captcha API URL.
transport \GuzzleHttp\ClientInterface Guzzle library HTTP client, set you own configured client for debug issues or logging for example.
credentials \Anticaptcha\CredentialsInterface Credentials object contains API key only.

The library strictly follows the API documentation, so full features can be found by looking at the official documentation of the service.