Locale functions required by libphonenumber-for-php

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A library providing up to date CLDR. Primarily as a requirement of libphonenumber-for-php.


This was created because libphonenumber-for-php required the intl extension to use the Geo Coder. The extension is not installed by default, and can be a hurdle for users. It also relies on the CLDR data provided by the Operating System, which is quite often out of date.

Generating data

Data is compiled from the latest CLDR Data as specified in CLDR-VERSION.txt.

A Phing task is used to compile the data from JSON into native PHP arrays.

It is not normally needed to compile the data, as this repository will always have the up to date CLDR data. To manually compile the data, ensure you have all the dependencies installed, then run:

vendor/bin/phing compile