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Website Kickstarter

Using Composer

You can start your new Herbie website by using Composer.

# for the stable version 1
$ composer create-project getherbie/start-website myproject

# for the dev-master version
$ composer create-project getherbie/start-website:dev-master myproject

Composer installs a simple demo website including the needed dependencies into the myproject folder.

Alternatively, you can run the above commands step-by-step:

$ git clone myproject
$ cd myproject
$ composer update

In your terminal go to the web directory and start the internal PHP webserver.

$ cd myproject/web
$ php -S localhost:8888 index.php

Now, open the URL http://localhost:8888 in your browser. Finished!

Using Docker

You can find the Docker configuration files here:

    - nginx
        - app.conf
    - php
        - Dockerfile
        - php.ini

First, you should update the server name in the config file docker/nginx/app.conf (server_name your-domain.tld; -> for example server_name

Then start the Docker container by using docker-compose up -d in the root dir of the website.

Now, open the URL or in your browser. Finished!