The website kickstarter for Herbie CMS

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Website Kickstarter for Herbie CMS


You can start your new Herbie CMS website by using Composer.

composer create-project getherbie/start-website mywebsite

This will install a simple demo website and all required dependencies.

Run website using built-in web server

In your terminal go to the web directory and start the built-in web server.

cd mywebsite/web
php -S localhost:8888 index.php

Now, open http://localhost:8888 with your browser. That’s all it takes!

If you need additional console output or logging information, set the debug environment variable.

HERBIE_DEBUG=1 php -S localhost:8888 index.php

If you want to debug using Xdebug (3.x), start the web server as follows.

XDEBUG_MODE=debug php -S localhost:8888 index.php

For this to work, Xdebug must of course be installed.

Run website using Docker

The Docker configuration files can be found here:

    - nginx
        - app.conf
    - php
        - Dockerfile
        - php.ini

Start the Docker container by using docker-compose up -d in the root directory of the website.

Then, open in your browser.

More Information

For more information, see