SimpleContact Plugin for Herbie.

v2.0.0 2023-01-02 11:35 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-11 21:10:46 UTC


Simplecontact is a Herbie plugin that allows you to add a simple contact form to your website. Such a form consists of the fields name, email and message.


The plugin is installed via Composer.

$ composer require getherbie/plugin-simplecontact

After that, the plugin can be activated in the configuration file.

        - simplecontact


Under plugins.simplecontact.config the following options are available.

The email address to which the form will be sent:

recipient: (string)

Aliased template path to custom form template:

template: (string)


If you have enabled page caching, you must disable it.

title: Contact form
cached: false

Also, the global config components.pageRendererMiddleware.cache must be set to false. Otherwise the page would be loaded from the page cache.

The form is then rendered using the twig function of the same name.

{{ simplecontact() }}

Additional content can be placed before or after the function call. A complete contact page looks like this:

title: Contact form
cached: false

# Contact form

Please fill in all fields of the contact form:

{{ simplecontact() }}

We can also be reached via email or phone at...    


A live demo can be viewed at