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"Keep your content cancel-resistant."

Argo is a flat-file static-site blog authoring and building system. It presents a browser interface for ease of use, and synchronizes with any hosting service using Git or rsync.

Because Argo keeps all your content on your computer, no hosting service can ever deprive you of your content by cancelling your account. The content you create is always on your own computer. This makes Argo sites more resistant to censorship. Further, because Argo is a flat-file static-site system, remote hosting requirements are minimal. Only a web server and a syncing service are needed.

This repository holds the core PHP code powering the desktop application.


This package is IS NOT a server application. DO NOT install it on a server.

Instead, this package is an end-user application, to be installed on firewalled client computers.

This package DOES NOT use Semantic Versioning. It is intended primarily as a product, not as a set of libraries.


Mac Users

Visit getargo/app to get the Mac app.

Linux Users



Get Composer, then issue the following commands:

% git clone argo-php
% cd argo-php
% composer install
% php ./bin/admin.php

That will open Argo in your client browser. Use Ctrl-C to stop the Argo app.

To update the Argo code, change to the argo-php directory, then issue git pull && composer update.

Getting Started

Watch this 4-minute video: