Define aliases for your favorite Composer packages.

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Define aliases for your favorite packages, making usage as simple as crap require monolog.


PHP 5.6+ or 7.0+ required.

Because using multiple global Composer packages can create dependency conflicts, I recommend using consolidation/cgr over composer global require:

cgr geekish/crap

If you don't mind descending into global dependency hell:

composer global require geekish/crap


To define your aliases (version constraints are optional):

crap alias monolog monolog/monolog:^1.21

To use your aliases:

crap require monolog
crap update monolog
crap remove monolog

To remove an alias:

crap unalias monolog

View a list of defined alias:

crap list

These commands simply find your aliases, and call the Composer commands with the real package names. If you provided a version constraint when defining your alias, crap will use this by default. You may provide a version constraint on the require and update commands; this will override any default.

The commands project, require, update, and remove all accept the same options/flags as the Composer commands that they call. For reference, see Composer's Commands documentation.


I'm lazy. I tried to create global shell aliases for packages that I used often. It worked, but if I typed out the full package name, I would get monolog/monolog/monolog/monolog. I also tried to write a Composer plugin, but there was no way to override the incoming package argument. So, I wrote crap.

Oh, the name? I was going to call it cra, and call the main class Crapp. Then I thought of the acronym, and it was just too good not to use.

Yes, it is totally inspired by Spongebob's POOP.

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After a composer install, to run the unit tests via phpunit:

composer test


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