PHP library to process JSKOS and RDF data

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This library extends the jskos PHP library with RDF capabilities. It provides the following PHP classes:

  • JSKOS\RDF\RDFMapping: maps maps RDF data to JSKOS based on a set of mapping rules
  • JSKOS\RDF\RDFMappingService: extends JSKOS Service with an RDFMapping from config file


JSKOS-RDF requires PHP 7, the jskos PHP library, and easyRDF.


Install the latest version with composer:

composer require gbv/jskos-rdf

This will automatically create composer.json for your project (unless it already exists) and add jskos as dependency. Composer also generates vendor/autoload.php to get autoloading of all dependencies:

require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

$mapping = new JSKOS\RDF\RDFMapping($rules);


Bugs and feature request are tracked on GitHub.

See of repository jskos-php for guidelines.

Author and License

Jakob Voß

JSKOS-PHP is licensed under the LGPL license (see LICENSE for details).

See alse

JSKOS-RDF is created as part of project coli-conc:

The current specification of JSKOS is available at