Exchange rate, base ČNB

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Package Installation

The best way to install Exchange Rate is using Composer:

$ composer require galek/exchange-rate

Packagist - Versions

or manual edit composer.json in your project

"require": {
    "galek/exchange-rate": "^0.2.8"


ČNB - Česká Národní Banka / CNB - Czech National Bank

You can use exchange rate of ČNB

Daily exchange rate (#avaible countries)

$cnb = new \TroiaStudio\ExchangeRate\CNB\Day;

Monthly exchange rate (#Exotic country))

$cnb = new \TroiaStudio\ExchangeRate\CNB\Day;


  • Universal calculatator for transfer between exchanges
  • Add Raiffeisenbank
  • Add Česká spořitelna
  • Add ČSOB
  • Add MoneyBank
  • Add ... (write to issue if you want add some else)