PhpDocReader parses @var and @param types

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PhpDocReader parses @var and @param values in PHP DocBlock:

use My\Cache\Backend;

class Cache
     * @var Backend
    protected $backend;

     * @param Backend $backend
    public function __construct($backend)

It supports namespaced class names with the same resolution rules as PHP:

  • fully qualified name (starting with \)
  • imported class name (eg. use My\Cache\Backend;)
  • relative class name (from the current namespace, like SubNamespace\MyClass)
  • aliased class name (eg. use My\Cache\Backend as FooBar;)

Primitive types (@var string) are ignored (returns null), only valid class names are returned.


$reader = new Reader();

// Read a property type (@var phpdoc)
$property = new ReflectionProperty($className, $propertyName);
$propertyClass = $reader->getPropertyClass($property);

// Read a parameter type (@param phpdoc)
$parameter = new ReflectionParameter([$className, $methodName], $parameterName);
$parameterClass = $reader->getParameterClass($parameter);