A tool for deploying Shopware plugins to

0.3.19 2021-11-24 06:16 UTC


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This tool is abandoned and will only receive bug fixes. Please move to

Tool for uploading new plugin releases to Shopware Store. Required Environment variables:

Name Default Description
ACCOUNT_USER Shopware Account e-mail address
ACCOUNT_PASSWORD Shopware Account password

Requirements for Plugin:


You can use it also using Docker. Don't forget to pass your credentials as env variables.


❯ docker run --rm -w "/storage" -v (pwd):/storage friendsofshopware/plugin-uploader plugin:validate /storage/

 [OK] Has been successfully validated                                           

Archlinux User Repository (AUR)

Install using AUR package php-sw-frosh-plugin-uploader.


See examples folder for how the Uploader could be integrated.

Using the Commands


Will upload the zip to the store and triggers a code review. Plugin version can be deployed multiple times, which updates the version.

Valid arguments are:

pathToZip - path to the zip file

Valid options are:

--skipCodeReview - Skip the Code-Review
--skipCodeReviewResult - Skip waiting for Code-Review Result


Update Shopware store informations about the plugin. For plugins the files from the ${path}/Resources/store-folder are used. For apps the store folder should be placed directly in the root folder of the app, i.e. the folder is ${path}/store furthermore the plugin name and so on are read from the app manifest.xml.

Valid arguments are:

path - path to the plugin folder

For more Information about the Resources/store folder checkout this.


Will check the plugin for validation exceptions for Code Review.

Valid arguments are:

pathToZip - path to the zip file

Valid options are:

--create - Create the plugin in account, if it doesn't exist


Shows all plugins in the account with the id, name, latest version and last changed.


Downloads all store resources from store to the given folder.


Allows to zip the git repository or folder of the plugin.

Valid arguments are:

path - path to the directory
branch - Optional: will detect the latest tag, otherwise will use master

Valid options are:

--strategy - default `git`. `plain` will zip the folder as it is.
--scope - default `false`. `true` will scope the plugin dependencies into a specific namespace using [humbug/php-scoper]( php-scoper has to be available in `$PATH`

A .sw-zip-blacklist file can be used to define which files should be deleted before creating the zip. (Deprecated, will be removed with 0.4.0)


Getting Credentials