Simple base class for data objects.

v1.0.0 2022-10-07 10:50 UTC

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This repository just contains a simple base class for PHP data objects.

This class throws exceptions if you try to read or write unknown properties, and ensures a clone is performed recursively.


To use this data object base class for your own data objects, just use something like this:

class Person extends \Kore\DataObject\DataObject
    public $prename;

    public $forename;

If you now access unknown properties you will get exceptions. For more details on the motivation behind this, read:

In some cases it might be necessary that additional attributes can be passed while construction and are knowingly ignored and not added to the DataObject. Therefore a constructor parameter $ignoreAdditionalAttributes has been added, which is set to true by default. This will allow to create a DataObject of an array with more values where the additional values will be ignored and no exception will be thrown during construction. If you later try to access a property which is not existing though, an exception will be raised! On the other hand, if it's set to false it will throw an exception if you pass a value that doesn't match any property on the object.