Crowdin integration for TYPO3

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1.0.1 2019-11-28 03:45 UTC

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Last update: 2021-03-28 06:54:29 UTC


This extensions enables the In-Context Localization feature of Crowdin for TYPO3. Be aware that this requires the usage of the new translation server which is currently in beta state!





Install the extension as any other TYPO3 extension:

Use new translation server


Depending on the TYPO3 version, you need to configure your installation to use the new translation server:

  • TYPO3 10: Please enable the feature betaTranslationServer in the Install Tool > Settings > Features.
  • TYPO3 9.x: Xclass is used to change the translation server url, nothing to do.

Download language pack for language t3

Switch to the Install Tool > Maintenance > Manage Language Packs and add the language Crowdin In-Context Localization with the language key t3.

Language Packs

After that, download the language packs.

Using In-Context Localization

Enable Crowdin's In-Context Localization by switching to User settings and switch language to Crowdin In-Context Localization

Language Packs

It should now look like this:

Language Packs

Just click on the labels and use all features of Crowdin!


Q: I don't see something like in the last screenshot

A: Check the l10n directory if there is a folder with the name t3. If not, please download the languages again. Also check if the new translation server is used

Q: I see labels like [Unrecognized text]

A: Crowdin can only handle one project per time, ignore those labels or remove the extension directory from l10n/t3/.