This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the t3docs/blog-example package instead.

This extension contains code examples used in TYPO3 explained to describe the use of Extbase.

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TYPO3 extension blog_example

Installation: Can be installed via Composer: composer req t3docs/blog-example

This example provides the code examples for [Extbase reference] ( of the TYPO3 project.

The code examples are automatically extracted with the TYPO3 documentation code-snippet tool (

After changes to the code the snippets in the TYPO3-Reference-CoreApi have to be regenerated.

ddev exec vendor/bin/typo3  restructured_api_tools:php_domain public/fileadmin/TYPO3CMS-Reference-CoreApi/Documentation/CodeSnippets/

It was originally written by Sebastian Kurfuerst and Jochen Rau (Thanks!) and adjusted over time to reflect current development in the TYPO3 project.


Running tests

The blog-example comes with a simple demo set of tests. It relies on the script which is a simplified version of a similar script from the TYPO3 core. Find detailed usage examples by executing Build/Scripts/ -h and have a look at .github/workflows/tests.yml to see how this is used in CI.

Example usage:

Build/Scripts/ -s composerUpdate
Build/Scripts/ -s unit

Running some tests locally can fix errors that are just displayed in actions on github. The following command can fix things like linebreaks or indentations:

Build/Scripts/ -s cgl

Normalize composer.json

Build/Scripts/ -s composerNormalize -n

Tagging and releasing is enabled via the casual github hook. TER releases are created by the "publish.yml" github workflow when tagging versions. The commit message of the tagged commit is used as TER upload comment.