This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the package instead.

Toolset to help with the day by day maintenance work.

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The SilverStripe Maintenance module reduces your maintenance related work.


  • You require the composer.json and composer.lock files to be available and readible in the environment you plan to use this module. All information is based on these files.
  • Install at least one of the modules mentioned under "Source of the information".
  • The queuedjob module is a dependency as the checks are scheduled using queuedjobs. This saves you time and work at the end.

Note: Release line 1 is compatible with SilverStripe 3. For SilverStripe 4, please see the 2.x release line.

Suggested Modules

While the installation of the following modules is optional, it is recommended:


Install the maintenance package.

composer require bringyourownideas/silverstripe-maintenance

Build schema and queue a job to populate the database:

sake dev/build

Run the update task to gather update information if the update-checker module is installed:

sake dev/tasks/UpdatePackageInfoTask

Run the security task if that module is installed:

sake dev/tasks/SecurityAlertCheckTask

Source of the Information

The information is based on your composer files. These need to be available in the environment the module is used in. If installed, the modules below process the content of the composer files and check suitable sources for information regarding your set up.

The main functionality comes from these modules:


Please see the user guide section.


Contributions are welcome! Create an issue, explaining a bug or propose development ideas. Find more information on contributing in the SilverStripe developer documentation.

Reporting Issues

Please create an issue for any bugs you've found, or features you're missing.