A simple REST helper for Fat-Free-Framework

1.0.0 2016-03-07 20:37 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-10-14 05:20:24 UTC


A simple REST helper for Fat-Free-Framework


Nothing much to say here ... it is a work-in-process ... you will have to figure out how to use it ... but do not worry friends, there are some examples to help you with that in tests.

quick and dirty example


require_once '../../../vendor/autoload.php';

use FrancisDesjardins\WebService\Rest\Responder\Encoder\NoopResponderEncoder;
use FrancisDesjardins\WebService\Rest\Responder\ErrorResponder;
use FrancisDesjardins\WebService\Rest\Utility;

/** @var Base $fw */
$fw = Base::instance();

//! load globals

//! load globals (OS specific)
if (strtoupper(substr(PHP_OS, 0, 3)) === 'WIN') {
} else {

//! load custom sections

//! load mappings

//! global error handler
if (!Utility::instance()->debug()) {
    $fw->set('ONERROR', function (Base $fw) {

        $responder = new ErrorResponder($fw);

        $responder->respond(new NoopResponderEncoder());

//! run it!

a mapping

namespace FrancisDesjardins\WebService\Rest\Maps;

use FrancisDesjardins\WebService\Rest\AbstractRest;
use FrancisDesjardins\WebService\Rest\AuditTrait;
use FrancisDesjardins\WebService\Rest\DynamicData;
use FrancisDesjardins\WebService\Rest\ErrorEnum;
use FrancisDesjardins\WebService\Rest\Event\ErrorEvent;
use FrancisDesjardins\WebService\Rest\FatFreeFrameworkTrait;
use FrancisDesjardins\WebService\Rest\Responder\Encoder\GzipResponderEncoder;
use FrancisDesjardins\WebService\Rest\Responder\JSONResponderTrait;
use FrancisDesjardins\WebService\Rest\Security;
use FrancisDesjardins\WebService\Rest\SecurityRule\LocalhostSecurityRule;
use FrancisDesjardins\WebService\Rest\Test\Models\Result\Ok;
use FrancisDesjardins\WebService\Rest\UtilityTrait;

class Example extends AbstractRest
    use AuditTrait;
    use FatFreeFrameworkTrait;
    use JSONResponderTrait; // every VERB respond as application/json
    use UtilityTrait;

    // do something before routing
    public function before()
        // ex: allow only localhost access
        Security::instance()->addRule(new LocalhostSecurityRule());

        // ex: audit a token
        if (!self::audit()->uuid(self::fff()->get('PARAMS.uuid'))) {
            // generate a 500 error in the headers and return {error: 5001} to the client
            self::dispatchEvent(new ErrorEvent(ErrorEnum::ERROR500(), 5001));

    // do something on 'GET'
    public function get() {
        // and reply
        $this->setData(new DynamicData(['property1' => 'value1']));

    // do something on 'POST'
    public function post() {
        // retrieve the data; eventually it will be automatic
        $data = self::utility()->convertUnicodeToUTF8(self::fff()->get('BODY'));

        if ($data !== '') {
            // do something

        // and reply
        $this->setData(new Ok());

    // do something after routing
    public function after() {
        // we want every VERB to GZIP the response; can also be set per VERB
        $this->setEncoder(new GzipResponderEncoder());