A simple contact form for spryker.

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Last update: 2023-09-05 17:27:32 UTC


PHP from Travis config license

This is a simple contact form for spryker.


1. Execute composer command

composer require fond-of-spryker/contact

2. Add controller provider in YvesBootstrap.php in getControllerProviderStack()

new ContactControllerProvider($isSsl),

3. Add mail plugin in Pyz Zed/Mail/MailDependencyProvider.php in MAIL_TYPE_COLLECTION

$mailCollection->add(new ContactMailTypePlugin());

4. Create your own form template under:


5. Append glossary entries from contact_glossary.csv to glossary.csv and execute commands

vendor/bin/console data:import:glossary
vendor/bin/console collector:storage:export

6. Create transfer objects

vendor/bin/console transfer:generate

7. Add this to your configuration file. This EMail receives the contact form.

// ---------- Contact
$config[\FondOfSpryker\Shared\Contact\ContactConstants::CONTACT_FORM_MAIL_RECEIVER] = 'example@example.org';

8. Enjoy

(Edit route in ContactControllerProvider if it's your wish)