This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Metapackage for PHP QA Tools.

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PHP Quality Assurance Tools

This is a composer meta package for installing PHP Quality Assurance Tools with only one dependency, based on h4cc/phpqatools.

Included in this package (based on phpqatools) are:

  • PHPUnit: Testing Framework
  • PHPCOV: CLI frontend for the PHP_CodeCoverage
  • Paratest: Parallel testing for PHPUnit
  • DbUnit: Puts your database into a known state between test runs
  • PHPLOC: A tool for quickly measuring the size of a PHP project
  • PHPCPD: Copy/Paste Detector
  • PHP_Depend: Quality of your design in the terms of extensibility, reusability and maintainability
  • PHPMD: User friendly frontend application for the raw metrics stream measured by PHP Depend
  • PhpMetrics: Static analysis tool, gives metrics about PHP project and classes
  • PHP_CodeSniffer: Detects violations of a defined set of coding standards


  • PHP-CS-Fixer: A tool to automatically fix coding standards issues
  • Security-Checker: Checks if your application uses dependencies with known security vulnerabilities
  • Behat: BDD (Behavior Driven Development) framework
  • Mockery: Simple yet flexible PHP mock object framework
  • Faker: Generates fake data for you

Suggest install:


The installed tools are available in vendor/bin/ and can be started like this:

php vendor/bin/phpmd


To use this package, add it as as "dev" dependency with this command:

composer require folhasp/composer-meta-qa --dev

Or modify your composer.json as followed:

require-dev: {
  "folhasp/composer-meta-qa": "@stable"