Mark a post as the best answer in a discussion

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A Flarum extension. Mark a post as the best answer in a discussion. Original by @wiwatsrt. Requires flarum/tags


  • Allow Best Answers to be set and highlighted within a discussion
  • Set which tags support Best Answer/Q&A format
  • Filter answered/unanswered/all discussions within available tags
  • Send reminders to the OP to select a Best Answer after a configurable number of days
  • Optionally allow the OP to select one of their own follow-up posts as the Best Answer
  • Provides two layouts for the Best Answer controls
  • Option to prevent reminders from being sent overnight


Select which tags(s) you wish to enable for Best Answers to be set in using the edit tags feature of flarum/tags. These tags will then display Ask a Question in the start discussion button, rather than Start a Discussion. Optionally also select which tags(s) you wish to allow reminders to set Best Answers for.

To be continued...


Install with composer:

composer require fof/best-answer:"*"


composer update fof/best-answer


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An extension by FriendsOfFlarum.