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Debugging app for PHP sendmail

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V1.0 2014-05-06 18:55 UTC

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Email testing is always complicated:

  • your local enviromnent hasn't a configured SMTP server
  • the global mail server is damn slow
  • your spam filter impremeable configured

This app should solve a couple of your problems:

  • easy setup
  • fancy shiny GUI

Mailcatcher hooks into the mail function, it parsed the mail and persist all important imformations in a sqlite-db.

Mailcatcher is written in PHP with Silex and Doctrine2.

Quick-Installation (PHP5.4 required)

  • clone the project
  • make app/client.php executable
  • uncomment the sendmail_path and add the mailcatcher script
sendmail_path = /path/to/mailcatcher/app/client.php
  • make bin/start_server executable and execute ./bin/start_server

After this you can reach Mailcatcher under http://localhost:8080

Installation with PHP5.3

Follow the steps 1-3 from above. Then you have to create a vhost in your webserver configuration. The document-root must point on web.