Plancake Email Parser is a simple emailparser for php

1.0.0 2014-04-28 12:24 UTC

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N.B.: if you deal with non-English languages, we recommend you install the IMAP PHP extension:
the Plancake PHP Email Parser will detect it and used it automatically for better results.

This library allows you to easily parse an email given its content (headers + body).

Usage example:

$emailPath = "/var/mail/spool/dan/new/12323344323234234234";
$emailParser = new PlancakeEmailParser(file_get_contents($emailPath));

// You can use some predefined methods to retrieve headers...
$emailTo = $emailParser->getTo();
$emailSubject = $emailParser->getSubject();
$emailCc = $emailParser->getCc();
// ... or you can use the 'general purpose' method getHeader()
$emailDeliveredToHeader = $emailParser->getHeader('Delivered-To');

$emailBody = $emailParser->getPlainBody();

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