Provides reuseable contexts that helps testing your application (enqueue)

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Behat extension with custom helper steps

Table of contents

  1. Installation
  2. Enable this extension and configure Behat to use it
  3. Contributing


The recommended way to install Flaconi Behat Contexts is through Composer.

	"require-dev": {
		"flaconi/behat-contexts": "^1.0"

Enable this extension and configure Behat to use it

# behat.yml
    # ...
        Flaconi\Behat\Extension: ~


To make this repository work on your machine, clone it and run these three commands in the root directory of the repository:

composer install
composer code-style
composer tests-ci

After writing some code and editing or adding feature tests, run these commands again to check that everything is OK:

composer code-style
composer tests-ci

We are always looking forward for your bugreports, feature requests and pull requests. Thank you.