Laravel Wrapper for the Notion API

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Effortless Notion integrations with Laravel


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This package provides a simple and crisp way to access the Notion API endpoints, query data and update existing entries.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require fiveam-code/laravel-notion-api


The Notion API requires an access token and a Notion integration, the Notion documentation explains how this works. It's important to grant access to the integration within your Notion account to enable the API access.

Add your Notion API token to your .env file:



Head over to the Documentation of this package.

🔥 Code Examples to jumpstart your Notion API Project

Basic Setup (+ example)

use FiveamCode\LaravelNotionApi\Notion; 

# Access through Facade (token has to be set in .env)

# Custom instantiation (necessary if you want to access more than one NotionApi integration)
$notion = new Notion($apiToken, $apiVersion); // version-default is 'v1'

Fetch Page Information

// Returns a specific page


// Returns a collection pages and databases of your workspace (included in your integration-token)

Query Database

// Queries a specific database and returns a collection of pages (= database entries)
$sortings = new Collection();
$filters = new Collection();

  ->add(Sorting::propertySort('Ordered', 'ascending'));
  ->add(Sorting::timestampSort('created_time', 'ascending'));

  ->add(Filter::textFilter('title', ['contains' => 'new']));
// or
  ->add(Filter::rawFilter('Tags', ['multi_select' => ['contains' => 'great']]));
      ->filterBy($filters) // filters are optional
      ->sortBy($sortings) // sorts are optional
      ->limit(5) // limit is optional


vendor/bin/phpunit tests


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If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.

Used By

  • Julien Nahum created with laravel-notion-api, which allows you to easily create custom forms, based on your selected database within notion.
  • GitHub Notion Sync, a service by Beyond Code to sync the issues of multiple GitHub repositories into a Notion database
  • Notion Invoice, the first premium invoicing solution for freelancers and businesses that use Notion. Create beautiful PDF invoices from your Notion data.

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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.