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Symfony Console Deploy Command

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This is a premade Symfony Console component to manually deploy your application. At this time, it only supports deployment to Kubernetes via kubectl. Deploying multiple images at once is supported.

Ultimately, it's a fancy wrapper around running kubectl set image deploy ....

Configuration and Usage

composer require firehed/deploy-command

Somewhere in your existing Symfony Console setup or config:

$targets = [
        'container' => 'your-container-name',
        'deployment' => 'your-deployment-name',
        'image' => 'yourco/yourimage:$IMAGE',
        'namespace' => 'your-deployment-namespace',
    ], [
        // Another thing to deploy at the same time
$kubectl = new Firehed\Console\Deploy\Kubectl($targets);
$deploy = new Firehed\Console\Deploy($kubectl);

$application = new Symfony\Component\Console\Application();
// ...

In your image, $IMAGE will be substituted with the commit hash of the command argument, or that of master. It is NOT a PHP variable in the above example (note single quotes). namespace is optional, and will default to Kubernetes' default.

Event hooks

The deploy command will run any event hooks you request before or after the deployment process runs. To register a hook, call $deploy->before($hook); or $deploy->after($hook); The hook must be a callable with the signature function (string $hash, string $revision, bool $isDryRun). Hooks were designed primarily for sending notifications (e.g. posting to Slack) but can be used for whatever you want.

Requirements and Limitations

This only works in git repositories, and expects that your docker image will be tagged with the full 40-character commit hash (e.g. yourname/yourfancyproject:92dac20583b35ea7167366bbf0b24243016911c0). This is only a deployment tool, and does not perform the builds.

All of the images deployed will use the same hash, and all deploy together. Selective deployment is not supported at this time.