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This client permit to use the Notification Api. Thanks to it, you could request the API to :

  • Fetch data
  • Create data
  • Update data
  • Delete data




  • PHP 5.5

Step by step Installation

for all purposes (devlopment, contribution and production)


  • Cloning repository git clone https://github.com/flash-global/notification-client.git
  • Run Composer depedencies installation composer install


The notification client needs some options to work properly. The available options that can be passed to the __construct() or setOptions() methods are :

Option Description Type Possible Values Default
OPTION_BASEURL This is the server to which send the requests. string Any URL, including protocol but excluding path --
OPTION_HEADER_AUTHORIZATION Api Key for authentification string Any string value ''


Don't forget to set the right baseUrl !

$notifier = new Notifier([AbstractApiClient::OPTION_BASEURL => '']);
$notifier->setTransport(new BasicTransport());

Known issues

No known issue at this time.


As FEI Service, designed and made by OpCoding. The contribution workflow will involve both technical teams. Feel free to contribute, to improve features and apply patches, but keep in mind to carefully deal with pull request. Merging must be the product of complete discussions between Flash and OpCoding teams :)

Link to documentation


You can test this client easily thanks to the folder examples

Here, an example on how to use example : php /my/notification-client/folder/examples/notify.php


  • Product Owner : Nicolas Devaux (FEI)
  • Lead developer : Boris Cerati (OpCoding)
  • Main developer : Ludovic Sanctorum (OpCoding)