Chat client package integration for Objective PHP applications

v2.1.2 2018-10-16 20:35 UTC


This package provide Chat Client integration for Objective PHP applications.


Chat Package needs PHP 7.0 or up to run correctly.

You will have to integrate it to your Objective PHP project with composer require fei/chat-package.


As shown below, the Chat Package must be plugged in the application initialization method.

The Chat Package create a Chat Client service that will be consumed by the application's middlewares.


use ObjectivePHP\Application\AbstractApplication;
use Fei\Service\Chat\Package\ChatPackage;

class Application extends AbstractApplication
    public function init()
        /** @var AbstractApplication $this */

        // Define some application steps
        $this->addSteps('bootstrap', 'init', 'auth', 'route', 'rendering');
        // Initializations...

        // Plugging the Chat Package in the bootstrap step

        // Another initializations...

Application configuration

Create a file in your configuration directory and put your Chat configuration as below:

use Fei\Service\Chat\Package\Config\ChatBaseUrl;

return [
    (new ChatBaseUrl())->setBaseUrl('http://chat.dev:8181'),

In the previous example you need to set this configuration:

  • ChatBaseUrl : represent the URL where the API can be contacted in order to send the chats

Please check out chat-client documentation for more information about how to use this client.