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FastyBird MiniServer

FastyBird MiniServer Edition

This is FastyBird MiniServer Edition repository for starting new projects.

What is FastyBird IoT MiniServer?

MiniServer is standalone application based on FastyBird IoT software. The highest quality of code and strong testing culture, make it best solution for build smart controller application.

FastyBird IoT MiniServer is an Apache2 licensed distributed application, developed on top of the Nette framework and Symfony framework.


  • Devices & connectors management
  • User & access control management
  • {JSON:API} strong api for application management
  • Responsive user interface
  • Third party devices integration like Shelly, Tuya and other
  • Full HomeKit with HAP protocol integration


FastyBird MiniServer is tested against PHP 8.1, Redis 6.2 in-memory data store, MySQL relational database management system, ReactPHP http 0.8 event-driven, streaming plaintext HTTP server and Nette framework 3.0 PHP framework for real programmers.

Getting started

NOTE: If you don't want to install it manually, try docker image

Traditional installation

The best way to install fastybird/miniserver is using Composer. If you don't have Composer yet, download it following the instructions. Then use command:

composer create-project --no-dev fastybird/miniserver path/to/install
cd path/to/install

Everything required will be then installed in the provided folder path/to/install

Running app

You have two options how to run this app

Running an app via ReactPHP http server

All what you need is just run one console command:

vendor/bin/fb-console fb:web-server:start

This command will start build in web server which is listening for incoming http api request messages from clients.

Running an app via Apache or Nginx

You have to configure you web server running on Apache or Nginx to server content from public folder.

In this folder is main entry point for accessing application api.

Install with docker

Docker Image Version (latest by date) Docker Image Size (latest by date) Docker Cloud Build Status

Docker image: fastybird/miniserver

Use docker hub image

docker run -d -it --name devices fastybird/miniserver:latest

Generate local image

docker build --tag=miniserver .
docker run -d -it --name miniserver miniserver


This application is using database, and need some initial data to be inserted into it. This could be done via shell command:

vendor/bin/fb-console fb:initialize

This console command is interactive and will ask for all required information.

After this steps, application could be started with server command


Use the issue tracker for bugs or mail or Tweet us for any idea that can improve the project.

Thank you for testing, reporting and contributing.


For release info check release page


Adam Kadlec

Homepage and repository