This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

A ZF2 module that gathers a set of classes which are commonly used in several ZF2 projects

0.1.7 2016-03-16 03:29 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

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Zff Base for Zend Framework 2

Zff\Base module is a set of classes which are commonly used in several ZF2 projects.


  • php 5.5+ (with fileinfo extension)
  • Zend Framework 2
  • DoctrineModule & DoctrineORMModule
  • ZFTable (optional)


Installation of this module uses composer. For composer documentation, please refer to getcomposer.org.

php composer.phar require fagundes/zff-base:0.*

Then add Zff\\Base to your config/application.config.php.

Installation without composer is not officially supported and requires you to manually install all dependencies that are listed in composer.json


If you want to help check the contribuing instructions here.


  • translate files to english (Partial++++)
  • setup and include tests cases (Partial+)
  • review abstract factories (Partial+)
  • create documentation with examples

Main classes available

  • Abstract Factories:
    • Form\FormAbstractFactory - creates all classes that inherits of Form\AbstractForm or Form\AbstractFieldset
    • Form\InputFilterAbstractFactory - creates all classes that inherits of Form\AbstractInputFilter
    • Service\ServiceAbstractFactory - creates all classes that inherits of Service\AbstractService
  • Util classes at the namespace Util:
    • Util\Debugger - Debug fuctions.
    • Util\File - Some functions to handle files.
    • and more
  • Others abstract classes:
    • Entity\AbstractEntity - Entity
    • Service\AbstractService - Service
    • Form\AbstractForm - Form
    • Form\AbstractInputFilter - InputFilter
  • Helper classes
    • View\Helper\Link - creates a tag Anchor using Url Helper params
    • View\Helper\PostLink - as Link but uses js to POST
    • View\Helper\PaginatorLink - as PostLink receives a $page to create a tag Anchor
    • View\Helper\GetRoute - checks if a passed route is the current one
    • View\Helper\Escaper\NoEscape - creates a fake Escape, usefull with some helpers that must have a escape but you dont really want to change anything
  • Form Elements
    • Form\Element\Bs* - Includes Bootstrap 4 classes
  • Form Helper classes
    • Form\View\Helper\BsFormRow - Creates a single element (as FormRow Helper) but using Bootstrap struture and css classes
    • Form\View\Helper\BsForm - Creates the entire form (as Form Helper) but using Bootstrap struture and css classes
    • Form\View\Helper\FormActionButton -
    • Form\View\Helper\FormInputClasses -
    • Form\View\Helper\FormMultiCheckboxSplit -
    • Form\View\Helper\FormRadioSplit -
  • Router
    • Mvc\Router\ControllerRouteStack - Copy a model route to several children controllers