Frontend User Registration: Offers the possibility to maintain the fe_user data in frontend.

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via Composer

The recommended way to install sf_register is by using Composer:

composer require evoweb/sf-register

Installation from TYPO3 Extension Repository

Download and install the extension with the extension manager module or directly from the TER.

Repository and Issue Tracker can be found at https://github.com/evoWeb/sf_register

Suits all your needs to handle frontend users like register new users, edit data and change password.

So what's already in there?

  • creating frontend user
    • flexible form generation by selecting fields in plugin
    • send notification to user and admin
    • activate via link in email by user or admin
    • notification email after activation
    • configure email addresses for user and admin mails separately
    • set different usergroup pre and post activation
    • agree to general terms and conditions as checkbox
    • old password verification before setting new password
    • password strength indicator without need of any js lib
    • email/password repeat validation
    • profile image upload, remove and edit with plain or encrypted filename
    • country as selectbox (values from static_info_tables)
    • country zone as selectbox (values from static_info_tables)
    • country zone change with ajax if country selectbox changed
    • language as selectbox (values from static_info_tables)
    • gender as radiobox
    • title as textbox and selectbox
    • pseudonym
    • timezone as selectbox
    • daylight saving as checkbox
    • privacy agreement as checkbox
    • salutation as radiobuttons and selectbox
    • birthdate as selectboxes
    • captcha with integration of existing captcha extensions
    • configuration email as username
  • custom validators
    • user model
    • captcha
    • required
    • repeat
  • custom viewhelpers
    • required
    • captcha
    • static info tables selectboxes
  • edit frontend user
  • change password
  • different template file for every form, preview, save and email view, configurable to be overridden in sitepackages
  • override template rootpath in plugin

If all that is already in, what is missing?

  • complete documentation
  • ajax handling
    • javascript validators in jquery
  • model is extendable by other extensions
  • better extendability of frontend user model, well this needs some love in extbase
  • multistep creation and editing

How could you help?

  • file issues about bugs and if you already have a solution send the patch in
  • sponsor features you are in need of

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